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Vinyl Flooring Toronto & Vaughan

Vinyl Flooring Toronto & Vaughan

Invision is very excited to offer another flooring option – Vinyl. Vinyl flooring is available in printed patterns and realistic textures. It’s versatile, durable and affordable. We have a wide and varied range of vinyl floors, and our vinyl flooring Toronto & Vaughan team can help you choose between the many high-quality vinyl floors that we offer.

There are a few reasons why vinyl flooring is a popular option. It’s quite easy and quick to install, and it’s very easy to clean. There are also so many different choices that you are pretty much guaranteed to find something that will exactly suit your taste and the style of your home.

Why Install Vinyl Floors?


It’s a cost effective material, due to how easy it is to manufacture, but it also looks luxurious. Vinyl floors are very budget friendly, with a wide range of options, are hygienic and extremely durable. Plus, they are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a floor that is easy to clean and maintain. Sometimes, hardwood flooring are not within someone’s remodeling budget, however, there are vinyl floors available that look just like solid wood.

At Invision, we offer you more than just vinyl flooring. At our spacious showroom and decor centre, we’ll show you how the floor you choose can be the foundation for a complete room makeover, including paint, wood trim, crown moudings and more. Call today to schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our flooring specialists to help you choose the best option for your needs.