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Stanley Cooper Hardwood Flooring Products

Stanley Cooper Hardwood Flooring Products

stanley cooper hardwood flooring products

Stanley Cooper hardwood flooring products are known for beautifully sawn, wide planks that are manufactured under the strictest of quality controls.  The result of their strict milling specifications is fewer defects when compared with industry standards.  Stanley Cooper remains sensitive to budget while still providing quality, beauty and environmental sensitivity.

Stanley Cooper offers a complete on-going line of hardwood flooring products as well as a custom-made program for those who need something specific or unique.  Their hardwood floor offerings include planks of up to 8.6 inches in width and lengths of up to 86.6 inches.  Species available include American Black Walnut, European White Oak, Canadian Maple and American Hickory.  The finishes offered are natural oil, UV cured oil, low V.O.C. urethane or on-site finished.   

Stanley Cooper’s lumber sources are certified by the world’s leading forest certification organization, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PERFC) which promotes sustainable forest management.  With more than a decade’s experience, Stanley Cooper is best known for offering a fine balance between value and aesthetics.

Stanley Cooper provides a generous warranty with its hardwood products as their quality controls are some of the most strict in the industry.  Their floors are meant to be enjoyed for decades and their stringent milling specifications allow this to be followed through.  

Invision Hardwood Decor is proud to be a retailer and supporter of Stanley Cooper hardwood flooring products.