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Reclaimed Wood Flooring Toronto & Vaughan

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Toronto & Vaughan

We have built our business on a passion, love, and talent for natural interiors. Our reclaimed wood flooring Toronto & Vaughan team can help you choose which our of our reclaimed woods is the perfect match for you and your living space. We have many rare pieces, and you can add a unique touch to any restoration, historic property, or contemporary home.

One of the most appealing things about reclaimed wood is that no two pieces are identical. These have been harvested decades, or possibly even centuries ago from slow-growth virgin timber. They have aged with a tight wood grain, rich, natural color and a pattern that cannot be replicated in modern lumber.

Why Reclaimed Floors?

Reclaimed wood floors have a strength that is generally not found in new lumber. Our reclaimed antique wood was part of a forest for long periods of time. It gives you the characteristics of wood from a time long past. We have salvaged beautiful woods from mills and factories, re-purposing it into amazing flooring, lumber and much more.

As well as adding a beautifully unique touch to your home, reclaimed wood flooring is also environmentally responsible. Reclaiming wood from old buildings is a way to participating in green building. In fact, some of our customer favourites are reclaimed antique pine wood and reclaimed oak flooring.