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Monarch Plank Hardwood Flooring Products

Monarch Plank Hardwood Flooring Products

monarch plank hardwood flooring products

Monarch Plank is known for creating handcrafted, wide plank floors utilizing contemporary European coloring and texturing techniques.  Monarch Plank hardwood flooring products are characterized by long length planks, sawn top layers and exceptional stability resulting from quality construction.  All of Monarch Plank Oak floors are manufactured using Western European Oak which is known to boast fine grain structure and beautiful color.

Monarch Plank offers engineered hardwood flooring with a variety of finishes ranging from unfinished to pre-finished.  It’s even possible to have the finish customized to your specifications by modifying Monarch Plank’s exclusive Artisan’s Preferred unfinished platform.  The planks may be coated in a traditional oil finish or for a lower maintenance flooring, Monarch Plank also offers a matte urethane finish to seal the floor.

Monarch Plank is well known for its advanced coloring capabilities.  By smoking or carbonizing the wood, the color can be changed before any finish is added.  Reactive stains that interact with the wood’s tannins can also be used to create unique colors or authentic antique patinas.  Monarch Plank’s proprietary coloring techniques create unique and individual hues that cannot be duplicated.

Monarch Plank offers a wide variety of texturing that ranges from sand blasted or wire brushed to hand scraped and hand brushed.  You can also use the Finish To Order option to have a texture created to meet your specifications.

Invision Hardwood Decor is happy to carry the distinctive and unique line provided by Monarch Plank.