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Floating Flooring

When most people hear the term “floating floors” they almost always think of laminate flooring. While almost all laminate flooring is manufactured in a floating format, many other products have now followed suit. Engineered hardwood flooring, cork, leather, vinyl, linoleum and bamboo are all available in a floating style. Floating floors simply means that the products can clicked together without the use of nails or glue. Therefore, floating floors can be installed almost anywhere including all areas of the home, above and below grade, as well as in a condo or cottage. The important thing to remember with floating floors is that they expand and contract as one floor. This means that the utilizing transition pieces is often necessary, so that floor space can be “broken” in to sections relieving pressure on the floor as a hole during periods of expansion and contraction.

Typically, floating floors should also avoid being pinned down. This means they should be installed around a kitchen, as an example, instead of the kitchen being installed on top of a floating floor. Overall floating floors are a wonderful and very available option suiting the flooring needs of many people.