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Coswick Hardwood Flooring Products

Coswick Hardwood Flooring Products

coswick hardwood flooring products

Coswick Hardwood is a Canadian owned company with its manufacturing plant based in Belarus in Eastern Europe.  Their production line is fully integrated with the raw timber being processed, milled, manufactured and finished in-house.  The company began in 1995 by producing solid planks and traditional parquet flooring with state of the art equipment and German expertise.  It has since expanded to include lines of engineered hardwoods, wide hardwood planks, mosaic hardwood flooring, wall panels, decking, siding, and specialty products such as acoustic paneling and portable sports flooring.

Coswick hardwood flooring products are known for their durability, quality and long lasting performance.  The company has always invested heavily in state of the art technology and cutting edge equipment allowing it manufacture more resilient, weather resistant and low maintenance products.  By continually widening its range of styles and colors, Coswick has been able to keep up with new trends in the interior design world.  Coswick is also capable of creating customized products to fit any customer’s needs.

Environmental responsibility is a core value for Coswick.  The company exercises environmental responsibility by practicing clean tree felling techniques ensuring the sustainability of its forest reserves.  Coswick also recycles 100% of its wood waste while using formaldehyde free glues and eco friendly wood coatings.

Invision Hardwood Decor is proud to represent the extensive line of Coswick hardwood flooring products by bringing them to the Canadian marketplace.